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Foreign Pharmacies Bioritz Canada Generic Pharmacy | Bioritz Generic Prescription Drugs

Brand: Maxalt | Canada | Mfg: Merck Frosst

Maxalt 6 x 5mg tablet$147.34
Maxalt 12 x 5mg tablet$294.68
Maxalt 18 x 5mg tablet$442.02
Maxalt 24 x 5mg tablet$589.36
Maxalt 30 x 5mg tablet$736.70
Maxalt 36 x 5mg tablet$884.04
Maxalt 42 x 5mg tablet$1,031.38
Maxalt 48 x 5mg tablet$1,178.72
Maxalt 54 x 5mg tablet$1,326.06
Maxalt 60 x 5mg tablet$1,473.40
Maxalt 66 x 5mg tablet$1,620.74
Maxalt 72 x 5mg tablet$1,768.08

Brand: [generic] | International Generic Program | Mfg: [generic]

Generic 6 x 5mg tablet$51.33
Generic 12 x 5mg tablet$62.07
Generic 18 x 5mg tablet$72.81
Generic 24 x 5mg tablet$83.54
Generic 30 x 5mg tablet$94.29
Generic 36 x 5mg tablet$105.02
Generic 42 x 5mg tablet$115.77
Generic 48 x 5mg tablet$126.52
Generic 54 x 5mg tablet$137.25
Generic 60 x 5mg tablet$147.98
Generic 66 x 5mg tablet$158.72
Generic 72 x 5mg tablet$169.45


Foreign Pharmacies Bioritz Canada Generic Pharmacy | Bioritz Generic Prescription Drugs
Generic 4 x 10mg tablet$64.49
Generic 8 x 10mg tablet$109.63
Generic 12 x 10mg tablet$154.78
Generic 16 x 10mg tablet$193.47
Generic 20 x 10mg tablet$225.71
Generic 24 x 10mg tablet$251.51
Generic 28 x 10mg tablet$270.86
Generic 32 x 10mg tablet$283.76
Generic 36 x 10mg tablet$319.23
Generic 40 x 10mg tablet$354.70
Generic 44 x 10mg tablet$390.16
Generic 48 x 10mg tablet$425.63

Brand: Rizalt | Israel | Mfg: Merck Frosst

Rizalt 6 x 10mg tablet$102.89
Rizalt 12 x 10mg tablet$205.78
Rizalt 18 x 10mg tablet$308.67
Rizalt 24 x 10mg tablet$411.56
Rizalt 30 x 10mg tablet$514.45
Rizalt 36 x 10mg tablet$617.34
Rizalt 42 x 10mg tablet$720.23
Rizalt 48 x 10mg tablet$823.12

Brand: Maxalt | Canada | Mfg: Merck Frosst

Maxalt 6 x 10mg tablet$149.98
Maxalt 12 x 10mg tablet$299.96
Maxalt 18 x 10mg tablet$449.94
Maxalt 24 x 10mg tablet$599.92
Maxalt 30 x 10mg tablet$749.90
Maxalt 36 x 10mg tablet$899.88
Maxalt 42 x 10mg tablet$1,049.86
Maxalt 48 x 10mg tablet$1,199.84
Maxalt 54 x 10mg tablet$1,349.82
Maxalt 60 x 10mg tablet$1,499.80
Maxalt 66 x 10mg tablet$1,649.78
Maxalt 72 x 10mg tablet$1,799.76

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